Our strength in negotiating commercial agreements stems from our experience in drafting them to suit our clients’ specific needs and goals. When drafting commercial agreements, we focus not on the length of the agreement, but rather on the strength of its contents.

We aim to achieve balance of favourable and fair terms that are less likely to be the subject of protracted and pointless negotiation, but never lose sight of the need to ensure the agreement is carefully tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs while realizing the highest level of protection.

Ultimately, a sensibly drafted agreement allows each party to accomplish the purpose of the contract without expending resources needlessly.  Contracts that treat the parties with a degree of fairness are far less likely to be the subject of future disputes.

Most importantly, making an informed decision before entering into an agreement is critical and, to that end, we strive to provide our clients with a clear understanding as to what they are agreeing and their rights and obligations in the event of a dispute.

Our lawyers have knowledge, experience and expertise in drafting various commercial agreements, including but not limited to: residential and commercial lease agreements; construction agreements; management service agreements; franchise and licence agreements; service agreements; purchasing agreements; manufacturing, supply and distribution agreements; rental agreements; shared services agreements; development agreements; indemnity agreements; security agreements; and partnership agreements.


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